At RiVAL, we seek to make our events and spaces as accessible as we can to people from a great diversity of walks of life and background.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, Lakehead University has not located RiVAL in a space that is barrier-free.

There are approximately twelve steps that must be climbed to access room 2002 of the PACI building. For this reason, we often book alternative rooms at PACI which are accessible to those who cannot use stairs. If you would like to attend an event, but cannot because of the barrier the stairs represent, please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements.

We are in the process of developing more comprehensive access notes. We apologize for the delay!

Many people in our community struggle with invisible disabilities, with learning challenges, or with forms of oppression tied to addiction and mental health. We seek, whenever possible, to make our events accessible to as many people as possible, and so we observe the following:

  • We generally host “dry” and “clean” events. When alcohol or other substances will be on-hand we will post a special notification.
  • At all events we designate a person to be available to anyone who is feeling emotional or other distress to talk to one-on-one and if possible help alleviate the cause of this distress.
  • We try and offer alternative activities and resources to all attendees to make sure everyone can participate and contribute.

Scents (perfume, etc)

Many RiVAL staff and attendees of RiVAL events have serious allergies or sensitivities to strong scented products like perfume and cologne, but are also often in products including soap, shampoo, conditioner, fabric and softener. We ask those visiting RiVAL to be aware of this and avoid wearing these strong scents in our space or at our events

Transportation subsidy

RiVAL will provide two bus tickets per event to anyone who requests them to help with transportation costs. Please ask one of the organizers at the event.


RiVAL welcomes people of all ages at our events. While we are not able to provide on-site childcare, children are welcome to make themselves at home in our space, and we can also, if you give us a little notice, set up videos or other entertainment for them.

We also provide a modest care subsidy upon request. We can offer $30 per event to parents and care-givers to compensate for babysitter or other caregivers in order to allow them to attend an event. Please contact us before-hand to let us know you’d like to do this. We will need to ask you to fill out a small form for accounting purposes.


We at RiVAL often take photographs of our events and the attendees for the purposes of our own documentation and promotion. If you are, for any reason, uncomfortable, please let an organizer know and we will be sure to either avoiding photographing you or blur out your face in the images. Sometimes we have representatives of the media or other parties at events who also want to take photos. In such cases, we will ask everyone in the room if it’s ok first.


One of RiVAL’S missions is to organize events that welcome a great diversity of our community to have difficult but fruitful and transformative. To that end, we invite you to attend with a good heart, be ready to share, to learn and to respect everyone, even if we disagree. We do not accept oppressive speech or conduct, including behaviour that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ablist. However, we also recognize that we all emerge from an oppressive society and so bring with us beliefs, behaviours and prejudices. When these arise in a space of mutual learning, one animated by the spirit of respect and compassion, we understand them as gifts for the room: we will work through them, so we can all learn to recognize and confront them in the future.


Any member of any police force or state authority, domestic or foreign, or any person receiving funds from or working with such organizations must declare their affiliation as such each and every time they wish to enter RiVAL’s space or attend an event.

Thank you for your interest in the ReImagining Value Action Lab. This website is no longer being updated and is for archival purposes.

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