• Deadline for applications: April 20
  • Residency period: May 4-20
  • Eligibility: groups or people worldwide
  • Honourarium: $1,000 CAD

RiVAL, the ReImagining Value Action Lab, is pleased to announce its first project accelerator program for individuals or small independent groups who work at the intersection of art, activism, and critical theory.

We want to help you take an idea of for an “impossible” project and turn it into an actionable plan.

We support projects that actively challenge power and seek to change the world. These projects might be anti-capitalist, feminist, queer, abolitionist, or otherwise confront or reinvent society.

You must familiarize yourself with RiVAL’s orientation and activities before applying.

RiVAL will work with you for two weeks on intensive project development, and offer an honourarium of $1,000 (Canadian) at the successful conclusion of the residency.

Applications due April 20, residency begins May 4.

What is it?

RiVAL co-directors Max Haiven and Cassie Thornton will join you for a series of four one-hour online meetings, focused on helping you clarify and move forward on an exciting, ambitious project that you are enthusiastic about. We want you to try something that challenges you in new ways to offer a public something they don’t know they need in this time (or in coming times) of crisis.

In our meetings we will support you to refine your idea by offering our critical feedback and helping you plan how to secure and creatively use resources, including brainstorming funding streams and developing your networking strategies. This might include providing links to institutional partners and independent collaborators (including artists, activists, researchers, theorists, dancers, and curators).

At the conclusion of the two-week mini-residency, we will offer you an opportunity to present your project proposal and plan to peers and experts in an online talk.

Eligible projects

We wish to support projects (artistic, intellectual, and/or activist) that excite and mobilize the radical imagination, a force that seeks to overturn and reinvent the dominant institutions, habits, and power relations of society.

We want to accelerate your weirdest, most challenging and impolite socially transformative projects. We want you to create a storm of new revolutionary possibility from the depths of crisis.

This opportunity is open to people and groups around the world.

Our expectations of applicants

  • Co-develop and adhere to a mutually agreed timeline based around four online meetings between May 4 and 20.
  • Be open to criticism, change, and adaptation.
  • Be proactive in communication and follow-through with mutually agreed upon actions
  • Work to prepare an abstract, a plan of action, and/or other materials that will help you take the next step after the residency.
  • At the conclusion of the residency, present your plan online in a public-facing event organized by RiVAL
  • Submit a signed letter to us that reflects on your experience after the residency.

What to expect

  • Complete your application by April 20.
  • We will make a shortlist of applicants and reach out to organize meetings with those people/groups by April 23.
  • The selected group or individual for the first Accelerator will be selected and notified by April 25.
  • The first accelerator residency will begin on May 4 and run until May 20.
  • There will be four official meetings offered, times to be arranged before May:
    • Meeting 1: learn about the project and give feedback
    • Meeting 2: define possible institutional partners and independent collaborators
    • Meeting 3: discuss and brainstorm resources and networks of distribution
    • Meeting 4: final review of the project

Following these meetings, RiVAL will host an online presentation of the project with a curated audience of respondents.

What we won’t do

  • Edit texts
  • Grant writing
  • Be dishonest with you

Application questions

  • Provide a biographical note that, for instance, we can use on our website. (<100 words)
  • Send us a CV (no more than 4 pages)
  • Tell us about a project you’ve completed in the past with success, and how it represents the way you work. (<150 words)
  • Describe the proposal you would like our assistance with. How is it different from what you have done previously? (<200 words)
  • How does your work align with RiVAL’s orientation? (<100 words)
  • Within the remit of what we are offering, how would we be able to help you? (<100 words)
  • How is this project going to help you take the next step on the way to what, who, where you want to be? (<100 words)

How to apply

Please use this online form.

If your project is selected this bio will be used on our website and in our promotional materials
Please use the following format for email subject-line "{LAST NAME} - May accelerator"
150 words or fewer.
200 words or fewer.
100 words or fewer.
100 words or fewer.
100 words or fewer.
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