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Winter/Spring 2018 Activities

Navigating Finance and the Imagination (London)

On April 14, RiVAL co-director Max Haiven, along with Dr. Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou of University College London, organized a very special event – a scholarly, collaborative walking tour of the City of London (historic financial district) to explore the relationship of finance and the imagination. With 16 presenters, including academics, activists and artists, it was a very successful day. An self-guided audio tour and blog posts from the contributors will soon be published.

Colonial Debts, Extractive Nostalgias, Imperial Insolvencies

In collaboration with the Political Economic Research Centre at Goldsmiths University, RiVAL has issued a call for both blog posts and full length scholarly essays on the topic of Colonial Debts, Extractive Nostalgias, Imperial Insolvencies.

January workshops

In January 2018 RiVAL directors Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven offered two workshops in Thunder Bay in cooperation with the New Directions Speakers’ School: one on alternative  financial literacy (offered twice), one on designing alternatives institutions for public safety beyond policing.

El Jones reading

RiVAL partnered with the Department of English at Lakehead University in March to bring Halifax-based poet, scholar and activist El Jones to speak on the topic of “Poetry Defiant: Free Speech in an Age of Racist Reaction” and read from her recently published collection of poetry Live from the Afrikan Resistance!, the latter hosted at RiVAL.

Selected recent activities of RiVAL people

Max Haiven

  • (article) “Participatory art within, against and beyond financialization: Benign pessimism, tactical parasitics and the encrypted common.” Cultural Studies 32 (4), 2018, pp. 530-559.
  • (chapter) “The Crypt of Art, the Decryption of Money, the Encrypted Common and the Problem with Cryptocurrencies.” In Moneylab Reader II: Overcoming the Hype. Eds. Inte Gloerich, Geert Lovink, and Patricia de Vries. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures, 2018.
  • (presentation) “Marx’s Vindication or Marx’s Revenge?” 200 Anos del Marx conference hosted by Bloco de Esquerda. Plenary speaker, Lisbon, March 2018.
  • (presentation) “Financialization and colonial accumulation.” Transmediale 2018 conference: Face Value. The Violent Imagination of Financial Capitalism plenary panel, Berlin, January 2018.
  • (presentation) “Currencies of vengeanceMoneylab 5: Matters of Currency. University of Buffalo, New York, April 2018.

Cassie Thornton

Ezra Winton

  • (presentation) “Insiders/outsiders: The Politics And Ethics Of Indigenous Media And Film Makers And Subjects In Colonial Canada” (with Trudy Stewart, Clint Burnham, Candy Fox, Brenda Longfellow and Louise BigEagle). Film Studies Association of Canada (FSAC). Regina, Saskatchewan, May 30, 2018.

Upcoming this summer/fall

What is RiVAL?

The ReImagining Value Action Lab was established in the summer of 2017 under the auspices of Dr. Max Haiven‘s appointment as Canada Research Chair in Culture, Media and Social Justice at Lakehead University with the assistance of a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. RiVAL is:

  • An international collaborative platform for research and creation
  • A multimedia workshop hub for the radical imagination, based in Thunder Bay



Thank you for your interest in the ReImagining Value Action Lab. This website is no longer being updated and is for archival purposes.

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