This page provides links to videos and other resources that demonstrate how to use and maintain many of the tools in RiVAL’s collection.

Print studio gear

Risograph machine

An excellent starter’s guide. The Riso they use in this video has a few more features that RiVAL’s EZ220U. Note that RiVAL’s EZ220U only accepts letter and legal sized paper (not 11×17/tabloid).

Perfect Binder (book maker)

This is not exactly the RiVAL unit, but the same principles apply.

Paper cutter

Audio gear

Zoom H6N recorder

Though 30 minutes, this tutorial provides a very good overview of the audio recorder and how to use microphones like RiVAL’s SM58s (silver round-headed mics, great for voice/podcasting

Audacity audio editor

A very nice, step by step tutorial on how to use the free audio-editing program Audacity (you can download it here for PC, Mac and Linux). This is the first of 15 short YouTube tutorials, which can all be found here:

Video gear

Shooting video, general tips

An amusing video from Vimeo with some very basic lessons about how to frame shots, how to think about lighting and how to generally improve the quality of video.

Adjusting the settings on a DSLR camera (like RiVAL’s G85)


This is a basic overview of the principles of “three point lighting” for video, using a kit like RiVAL’s

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