Peer-reviewed working-papers to activate the radical imagination

RiVAL, the ReImagining Value Action Lab, publishes VAGABONDS a series of peer-reviewed occasional working-papers aimed at activating and exciting the radical imagination. Seeking to escape the confines of academic publishing, we issue VAGABONDS in print in pamphlet form, on for online reading, and in audio/podcast form for online and off-line listening.

VAGABONDS texts must be radical, must be rigorous and must be resonant, aimed at breaking with convention and offering new ideas that are in fruitful dialogue with the key social justice struggles of our age.

The series is named in honour of all those dispossessed people--commoners, fugitives and Indigenous--whose chosen or unchosen routes and passages were and are criminalized by the powerful. Abolish border imperialism!

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We offer limited-edition, handmade pamphlets of each Vagabond release. Check back soon for more details.