RiVAL offers a number of opportunities for community members, visiting artists, undergraduates, graduate students, visiting faculty and others to join us to work on projects.

General notes on opportunities, partnerships and affiliations

In general terms, RiVAL, which is a very small organization, partners with groups and individuals to work on specific projects with limited time horizons and specific goals and outcomes. Unfortunately, we have no capacity to hire individuals on an ongoing basis.

Potential partners should read our agenda closely to make sure their ambitions and approach aligns with ours.

RiVAL’s mission is to create dialogues between rigorous critical research and grassroots community organizing, both in Thunder Bay and abroad. For this reason, we have a few groundrules for all our projects:

  • Projects must give more than they take from grassroots communities. Our goal is to build grassroots capacities to struggle for social justice.
  • Projects must be framed in such a way that they are feasible in some form without external funding. External funding should be used to improve projects, not decide if they’re worth doing.

Special opportunities

Occasionally, RiVAL is able to offer special opportunities for individuals to join us to work on a project. Please visit http://rival.lakeheadu.ca/things/opportunities/ to see the latest.

For undergraduates

Undergraduates enrolled at Lakehead University (or at other universities who wish to visit and apply for transfer credits) are encouraged to contact us about enrolling in a special 0.5FCE (3 credit) course through Lakehead University’s Department of English on “Creative Research for Social Justice” with RiVAL co-director Dr. Max Haiven. In this course, which can transpire over 7 or 13 weeks, students will design and complete their own research and/or creative project in line with RiVAL’s research agenda, making use of RiVAL’s facilities. Those who wish to take up such an opportunity should contact us with a brief cover letter, explaining their situation, the project they would like to work on, and their particular qualifications. While RiVAL can provide support, it is the student’s responsibility to navigate the administrative ecosystem of Lakehead University. Very limited research funding may be available for certain projects.

For graduate students

RiVAL is in the process of developing a graduate student research stipend for students enrolled in Lakehead’s English or Social Justice MA degree programs.  Please stay tuned for more information.

Meanwhile, RiVAL welcomes graduate students enrolled at Lakehead or at other universities to contact us directly about opportunities to work or partner with us on projects.

For visiting faculty and post-doctoral fellows

RiVAL welcomes applications from visiting faculty, post-doctoral fellows and others holding a terminal degree (PhD, MFA, etc.) to partner with us on projects.

For artists and writers

RiVAL is in the process of developing a residency program. Please check back soon for more information.