Feminist Economics Yoga

Starting 12 September 2017, Cassie Thornton will hold a series of yoga classes most Tuesdays at noon at RiVAL (the ReImagining Value Action Lab) in the North Core of Thunder Bay at Lakehead’s PAC.

The classes are by donation, and are open to the public. No one who wants to participate will be turned away.

This form of yoga is accessible to people with all types of bodies and most ability-levels.

feminist economics

In short, feminist economics centres feminized practices of care, health and the reproduction of life. It works towards a future economy and political social system based on these values. Feminist economics is not just aimed at people who identify as women: it is for all people who are suffering under the current economic system (whether they are poor or rich). This class is informed by Cassie’s work over the past decade counseling and organizing people with financial trauma, massive indebtedness and economic hardship towards personal and collective liberation.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a challenging but accessible practice that focuses on coordinated breath and movement. It is designed to heal the nervous system, spine and brain. These are all areas of the body that are affected by the brutal experience of capitalism and the damage done in our efforts to survive it. The practice’s origins are hotly debated. Kundalini honors the role of the teacher as the highest human practice, privileges femininity, and presents yoga as a practice for members of a social and political community, not isolated ascetics. Classes focus around coordinated chanting, breathing and physical movements that force the mind into stillness. If you haven’t been able to meditate before, you may be able to in this class. It is deeply healing and makes you ready to meet the challenges of the world.


The combination of feminist economics with Kundalini yoga aims to address the ways that economic issues impact on the body, the mind, and the heart of individuals. The harm they do extends to our whole social world. In each class we aim to think again about our individual experiences of financial scarcity, indebtedness, unemployment (or underemployment, or simply unhappy employment), housing insecurity and our general stress and anxiety. These are all the result of the failed political and economic system we live under. We are not failed people. We can heal and transform this system together.

Can I attend just one class, or do I have to attend the whole series?

You are welcome to start attending at any point and attend occasionally, but to get the best experience it is best to come every week for the entire series.

How can I learn more about feminist economics?

There is a list of easy to read online resources about feminist economicsat secretchakra.net

Will these classes help me make more money?

No. These classes will help you feel like you have a purpose and value beyond money.

How can I learn more about kundalini yoga?

Visit secretchakra.net for more information.